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Niki Pawelski a professional decorator / designer with over
15 years of experience in the party rental industry has built
the finest party rental service available for the bridal

With a long history of working with brides and party planners.
Niki, has focused the Gala LTD product lines and services
directly toward the needs of the bride.

Gala LTD takes great pride in working with a client to help
them cost effectively put together the party they
envisioned. When we discuss "your party" we try to get a feel
for what your trying to do. Gala LTD's knowledge and
experience goes well beyond the basic products and
services that most rental companies offer.

Our brides each have a unique vision of that perfect day.
Our success is measured by how well we can help a bride
put together the right ingredients to have the day they
dreamed of, on a budget they can work with.