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Web based rental companies have no choice but to display samples on the web. Customers
have no alternative to trust their wedding day to a computer generated color sample. We
have been told many times of brides opening boxes of linens and the colors not matching
the color displayed on their computer.

Over the years we have built and excellent reputation of pleasing our customers. Having a
color, print or fabric show up on your wedding day, that you do not expect is "defiantly not a
pleasing experience."

We have swatches and samples of fabric from the finest supply houses in the country. Shades
of color run in the hundreds. We have sample books full of different fabrics, textures, sheens
and fabric weights, choices are virtually unlimited.

To get exactly what you want, I suggest you meet with us at our
showroom. Our showroom is
setup with displays of the latest in colors and fabrics. We can even bring in sample linens and
mock up a table treatment to your specifications.