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The Vista Spire Sail is a pole style tent. This tent has a unique combination of
staggered height peaks and rounded ends. This gives the tent a free flowing,
visually romantic silhouette. The sail fabric construction allows natural light to show
through. At night, lighting in the tent creates a romantic glow on the exterior.

Vista Classic Sail is a pole style tent. This style tent has traditional high peaks
with square ends. The sail fabric construction is the same as the Vista Spire Sail.
This gives this tent the same romantic visual effects.

Vistabay Classic is a pole style tent built with traditional multi piece
construction methods. These tents are available in high peaks or the traditional
hip roof design. Both have the efficient square end design. Multi Pierce tents
require heavier light blocking fabrics with lacing lines. This limits the romantic
lighting and visual effects that sail fabrics tents have.

Vista Horizon Frame is a frame style tent. These tents have no center poles.
The tent fabric is supported by our custom built frame system. Our heavy duty
frame offers wide open expanses that allow unobstructed  views. Frame tents can
be p[aced close to other structures and require much less staking than pole style
tents. Frame tents can be lined to conceal the support frame. Tent liners offer an
unique elegant look that only a lined frame tent can offer.
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